Female Twitch Partner Ashtronova alleges SA by FaZe Mew

The alleged S.O known as FaZe Mews is facing another in a series of sexual assault allegations. In a Twitlonger, a program used for posting longer tweets to Twitter, Twitch Partner Ashtronova details how Mew allegedly preyed on her.



*First Mew invites her to his Social Sellouts creator house as a surprise guest. He flys her out to Texas.

** Hawky, a member of the Social Sellout house posted on twitter asking who else should be invited. Ashtronova replied with "me". Mew agreed and coordinates with her to pay for her flight.



*Once with him, he takes her and the rest of the creators out to a night club. He only bought drinks for her and intentionally got her drunk.

**Mew bought drinks for everyone that went to the club with him, not just ashtro. He bought her no more than 3 drinks.



*While sober, he shoots his shot with a girl he's getting so drunk, that she can barely walk.

** Drinking stopped at 2AM when the bar closed. Ashtro is walking fine. Nobody is saying they're too drunk or sick on the 40 min ride home.



*Once they were back at the Social Sellouts creator house, he allegedly takes advantage of her while she's still drunk.

** She began flirting with him while talking about life. She wasn't slurring her words and seemed fine. They kissed, she kisses him back. Then he asks for consent to touch her. She says yes and this later leads to sex.



*After the assault, Mew tries to gaslight her into verifying consent. He attempts to get written or phone recorded proof saying she consented.

** There is no discussion about consent the next day as he says neither were intoxicated. He thinks she wants to be his girlfriend now and they spend the day together going on dates. They even watched the sunset at a Tesla charging station. They kiss and hug goodbye at the airport.



*Mew's roommates witnessed his alleged SO behavior and decided to make a pact to defend him and his reputation as a FaZe member.

** Mew's roommates aren't aware of any pact. States they didn't know they hooked up until recently. Reaffirms that he wanted to be dating her and genuinely liked her.

*Other women have similar stories of his alleged behavior.

 *SpawnKilled is providing a summarization of what Ashtronova allegedly went through. We are not making any factual statements nor claims in this article. Snippets we are summarizing are from her twitlonger.

** SpawnKilled is providing a summarization of FaZe Mew's perspective. We are not making any factual statements nor claims in this article. Snippets are from his Twitlonger.

Ashtronova also stated that he made a film with her and threatened to post it if she spoke out about any of this. Faze Mew has not posted any video of her and there are no known leaks of it. He denies filming with her.



Following the public release of these allegations on Twitter, FaZe Clan immediately began distancing itself from Mew by issuing an indefinite suspension. Mew states the suspension was mutual and will be "Taking matters into his own hands"

If Mew is found guilty of Aggravated Sexual Assault, he faces a 1st degree felony. That's 5-99 Years imprisonment,a $10,000 Fine, and a Sex Offender registry. If Mew proves his innocence, he can sue her for defamation (Slander) and get a payout for punitive damages. He has until 11/21/2023 to present a case in Texas.


Social Sellouts, A group of online content creators whom live together and allegedly formed a pact to protect mew, have begun preparing for a legal battle as well. They have much to say. But they're consulting with their legal team first.

A member of the creator house decided to speak on this matter individually.

 SpawnKilled attempted to contact Ashtro,Mew, and Social Sellouts individually to request comment. These attempts were unsuccessful.

That's all the intel on this situation so far. What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments below, we want to hear from our readers.


Nice article, I agree with the above poster. Sounds suspect on both ends


There’s been rumors like this about him before. Why did she wait a whole year?


They both sound sus to me.


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