HCS OpTic Invitational officially postponed

After a month of speculating whether the OpTic invitational was still happening at their Esports Stadium in Arlington Texas, the HCS community received an answer today as the fans who got tickets were sent this email

The official reason for postponing the event was "Challenges with getting enough Halo Teams to commit to the tournament" but here's the problem with that statement.

Spartan, a member of FaZe Clan's Halo roster confirms he didn't know if they were invited and that their GM didn't know either. At first it looks like no invites were sent out at all. Until Halo Community Legend LouisVTitan gave us a confirmation

This led to more confusion. If the invites were sent out a month ago, why did many pro players not know if they were getting an invite? We asked 343 industries Halo Esports & viewership Lead Tashi for comment. He graciously responded.

The OpTic Invitational will be postponed until sometime in 2023 as part of the HCS circuit, instead of the Off- Season. In a video detailing the postponement from OpTic, HecZ states he wants it "in the middle of a downturn in the season so we can keep the interest up"

The first Major in HCS Year 2 will be February 24-26th in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Feel like they should’ve said something about it a lot sooner. People already bought hotels and flights. They’re being told to cancel just 8 days before arrival.


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