Trailblazing with Phoenix Suns: From Professional Esports to Professional Sports

Professional Sports Organizations have started recruiting staff from Professional Esports teams. We caught up with Lewis, a former Video Producer at Professional Esports Team eUnited. He was just picked up by the Phoenix Suns as the new Senior Producer of Partner Marketing.

SK News: Why the suns?

Lewis: "I wasn't really sure where I'd end up after eUnited. There were a few opportunities for me to stay in esports under other organizations but I didn't want to limit myself. In looking for more work I stumbled upon a few open positions for the Phoenix Suns. Being from Phoenix this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me."

SK News: How did your Esports Experience prepare you for your new role with the Suns?

Lewis: "At eUnited I worked on monthly and annual deliverables for our partners, and that really stood out for the Executives at the Suns. They also were able to see the other pieces of content I created with our documentary series and they liked the "real" aspect that my style brought, since that's what they were looking for in this position. It was during the interviews for the Suns where I noticed how similar the roles were. The process of creation is definitely up-scaled but at the end of the day they're not incredibly different processes. For example, instead of doing sponsored deliverables for Elgato, you're doing sponsor deliverables for Verizon."


SK News: Does your Esports background give you an advantage in any way?

Lewis: "I am not sure if it gives me any direct advantage as opposed to someone who maybe studied sports in a higher education facility, but I do think it helps that I have a fresh look at sports. Esports culture is young and full of fresh ideas so I would say there's things to learn and try and implement from both."


SK News: So what does a Senior Producer of Partner Marketing do exactly?

Lewis: "Essentially I'm in charge of how we go about creating pieces of content for our partners and sponsors that’ll live on our website, YouTube and other socials potentially. It’s still very early on and it’s a brand new position so my duties will evolve as I learn more."

SK News: Do you have any advice for people working in Esports right now that want to go work for their favorite Sports team? How achievable is this for them?

Lewis: "I think it’s extremely achievable for anyone to do this or something similar to it. My advice is that working hard and being good at what you do helps but it comes down to the timing and opportunity. Until it’s your time, it’s good to go after the best experience that’s available to you. Having the confidence to feel like you belong in the position you want is a good mindset to have as well."

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I’ve been a freelance video editor in esports for a few years now. This has me thinking about how I could convert my skills to pro sports


Been following since your CS GO playoff run. You’ve really come a long way. These articles have been better than anything I read on Dexerto


Great interview! I didn’t know the staffing roles between Esports and Sports were so similar. Until now I didn’t think making that jump was even possible.


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